Over 350 Downloadable Files All Relating to Windows 10
Presented as a Service to Members of the Sun City Summerlin Computer Club

by Bill Wilkinson

Index updated through the April 22, 2017 sessions



Sessions are being held on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month

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Special Topic: An Overview of Microsoft's Newest Build (Creators Build)
GET PERSONAL: Seventy-Five Ways to Give a Windows 10 Computer Your Personal Touch
Bill's Windows 10 Complete Manual
 1  Accessing This Website from Your Desktop
   2  Keyboard Shortcuts
   3 The Control Panel and Settings
   4  Recovery and Imaging Tools
   5  Using File History to Backup Your Data
   6  Windows Defender
   7  The Start Menu and Start Screen
   8 The Tablet Mode
   9 Using Search Strategies
10 File Explorer
11  The Edge browser
 12  User Accounts
 13 Desktop and Taskbar
 14 Modern Apps and Legacy Apps
15  The Microsoft Store 
16 Notification and Actions
 17 OneDrive's Cloud Storage
 18 Windows Updates
 19 Cortana, the Personal Assistant
 20 The Windows Registry
 21 System Maintenance
22  The Lock Screen
23 The Refresh & Reset Functions
24 Laptop Issues
MiniTopics for Windows 10 (unsorted)
Create a Recovery Disk and Know How to Use It
Backup Your Important Files Using File History
Microsoft Account Integrated with Local Account(s)
Create a Local User Account
Sign into Windows 10 Without a Microsoft Account
Some Handy Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10
Boot to the Start Screen for Your Tablet
Navigating the Desktop
The Virtual Desktop
Pin Any Application to the Desktop
How to Change the Desktop Background
How to Change Your Computer's Themes
Hide the Task View from the Taskbar
Dealing with Modern Apps
Add Folders to File Explorer's Quick Access
Add Mouse Friendly Check Boxes to Folders and Files
Using the Reliability Monitor
Accessing Windows Updates
Windows Updates and Major Builds
Settings and the Control Panel
Notifications and Actions
What is the Action Center and How Do You Use It?
Make Your Windows 10 Computer Boot Faster
Run a Program Automatically at Startup
The Edge Browser
Try the Reading View in the Edge Browser
How to Change Your Default Apps
Change the Default Search Engine in the Edge Browser
Change Your Default Browser in Windows 10
Change the Home Page in the Edge Browser
Change the Download Location of a Link in the Edge Browser
Cortana, Your Personal Assistant
How to Use and Customize Cortana
Shop the Windows Store and Its Thousands of Apps
Enable or Disable the Lock Screen
Turn Off the Lock Screen When Booting to Your Local Account
The Snipping Tool
Alter the Power Options
Issues with Laptops
Restore, Refresh, or Reset Your Computer
Add Two Free Anti-Malware Programs
Add Wordpad to the Taskbar
Turn Off Wi-Fi Sense of Privacy
Your Microsoft Account, Local Account, and Your Other Accounts
Create an Account for a Family Member
Controlling Battery Drain in Your Laptop or Tablet
How to Use Windows 10 Action Center and Notifications
If Microsoft Edge is Acting Up, Try a Reset
View and Delete Browser History in Edge
When Your Browser Prevents You  From Viewing Websites
Where are Your Program Files Hidden?
Why You Should Consider More Than One Browser
How to Work with More than One App at a Time
Pin a Website to the List of Apps in the Start Menu
Browse the Web Using Inprivate Browsing
Work with Multiple Tabs in Microsoft Edge
Time, Date, and Calendar on the Taskbar
Where Did the Photos App Put My Pictures?
Hide Important Files and Folders
Protect Your Computer from Unauthorized Changes
Remove Unwanted Windows Updates
Make Sure Windows Updates is Turned On
Add a Gmail or Cox Email Account to the Mail App
Save Important Email Messages from Windows Live Mail for Archival Purposes
How to Change the Size of Fonts and Icons in Windows 10
Manage Your Web Favorites in the Edge Browser
Password Protect Important Files in Windows 10
Setting up the Windows 10 Mail App
Quickly download updates and apps from multiple sources
How to make a full backup of a Win10 computer
User Account Control (UAC) to prevent unauthorized changes
Configure Windows Defender
Backing up your files with File History
Save battery power on your laptop while on the go
Connect a wireless printer
Capture custom screen shots
Details when using File Explorer
Archive folders and files in a ZIP file
Details of using the Lock Screen
Unlocking the Lock Screen
Copy Your Contacts List to a Thumb Drive for Safe Keeping
Maximize or Minimize the Ribbon in File Explorer
Create a Folder in File Explorer
Create a Shortcut to a File or Folder in File Explorer
Select Multiple Files or Folders in File Explorer
View and Extract the Contents of a ZIP File
Find Files in File Explorer Using Search
Change the Apps that Show Their Status on the Lock Screen
Change the Picture Shown on the Lock Screen
Move a File or Folder in File Explorer
How to Change the Font Size for Your Entire System
Change or Delete Your Password
Barricade Your Computer from Strangers
Archive Your Files and Folders in a Zip File
Alter Your Power Options for Energy Savings
Adjust the Volume of Your Speakers
Access Any of the 50 Control Panel Items
A Sleeping Wireless Mouse
Sign In Without a Password
Reloading a Stalled Webpage
Scrub Your Prefetch Folder Periodically
Set the Colors Used by Windows 10
Send Large Files via Email by Zipping
Customize the Start Menu
Backup Your File History
Windows' Built-in Backup and Recovery Tools
Disable Programs that Run at Startup
Find Applications that are Slowing Down Your Computer
How to Do a Clean Reinstall of the Operating System
Switch from One Account to Another on the Fly
Uninstall Programs that You Don't Use
Turn On Autocomplete in Microsoft Edge
Turn Off Autoplay
Apply Universal Folder Settings to Like-Folders
Always Show Menus in All Open Windows
Alternate Ways to Close Open Windows on the Fly
Adjusting the Items that Appear in the Notification Area
Adjust Your Computer System for Best Performance
Add Frequently Used Webpages to Your Favorites
Add a Favorite Website to Your Taskbar
Backing Up the Windows Registry with System Restore
Checking the Size of Apps
Displaying File Extensions for Clarity
Free Up RAM if Needed
Improve Performance by Optimizing Your Drive
Use OneDrive for Off-Site Storage
Using the Disk Cleanup Wizard
When Websites Open Slowly in Edge
Navigate File Explorer
Changing a Program's Compatibility
Change the Boot Order of Your Computer
Take Control of the Legacy Programs You Want to Uninstall
How to Disable the Lock Screen
Bypass the Lock Screen and the Login Screen
Add Copy and Move Options to the Right-Click Menu
One Drive: Microsoft's Cloud Storage Solution
Adding to Your Send to Folder
Create a New Desktop
Customize the Taskbar
Name Groups of Tiles on the Start Screen
Resize Tiles and Shortcuts
Move Tiles and Shortcuts Across the Start Screen
Turn the WiFi On or Off
Set Which Icons Appear on the Far Right Side of the Taskbar?
Pin a Website to the List of Apps in the Start Menu
Personalize the Search Box
Place Web Shortcuts on Your Desktop
Control Programs that Run at Startup
Delete Your Browsing History in Edge
Enter the Tablet Mode
Use the WinX Menu
Using the Storage Sense Feature
Perform Recommended System Maintenance
How to Handle Windows Defender in Newest Build
Start Menu Has Been Resigned in Newest Build
Turn the Keyboard Number Lock On
How to Install or Uninstall Modern Apps
Reset Windows Modern Apps if They are Not Working
More Ads will Appear on the Start Screen
Favorite Websites Can Deliver Notifications
You Can Pin Tabs in Edge
You Can Pause Flash When It's Not Needed
There are More Theme Options
More Legacy Apps are Available in the Store
Cortana is a Lot Smarter
Apps Can Take Over at a Website
Action Center is More Customizable
Update is More Respectful of Your Time
Battery Options are More Powerful
Tablet Mode is Similar to Windows 8
Task View Gets Some Improvements
Windows Defender Offline Antivirus Tool
Turn Off Windows Defender Enhanced Notifications
Windows Defender Provides Limited Scans
How to Use a Dark Theme
Extensions in Microsoft Edge
How to Control Apps from Running in the Background
Other Browsers Consume More Battery Power Than Microsoft Edge
How to Enable the Windows Spotlight Feature
Use the Dynamic Theme App
When Your Account Password Has Expired!
Quick Ways to Speed Up Your Computer
Try One of These Free Anti-Virus Programs
Speccy Provides All the Details About Your Computer
Where is the Menu Bar in Edge?
Spell Correctly Anywhere Within Windows
Changing an Older Program's Compatibility if it Won't Run
Adblock Plus will Block Annoying Ads from the Web
Add a Link Bar to the Taskbar to Show Your Favorite Websites
Create a Restore Point Before You Install a Third Party App
How to Replace Bing with Google Search
Pin the Windows Update Tile to the Start Screen for Easy Access
Pin the Windows Defender Tile to the Start Screen for Easy Access
Always Show the Full Path in Windows Explorer
Change the name of a Legacy (pre-Win8 or 10) Application
Clean and Sanitize Your Computer with PrivaZer
Create a Desktop Icon for a Favorite Webpage
Download and Install a Legacy (pre-Win8) Application
GodMode Places 256 Win10 Functions in One Desktop Folder
How to Create Tile Groups on the Start Screen
How to Repair a Modern App
Install a Legacy Program from a CD
No Need for a Password to Open Your Local Account
Personalize Your Live Tiles
Pin Folders to the Start Screen
Pin or Unpin Applications from the Start Screen
Pin Webpages to the All Apps Folder
Place a System Restore Icon on Your Desktop
Place an Internet Explorer icon on the Taskbar
Resize Your Start Screen Tiles for Better Organization
Restore Your Computer to an Earlier Point in Time (Restore Point)
Set Your Default Apps
The Importance of the Action Center
How to Remove the Annoying ASK (Ask Jeeves) Malware 
Improve Performance by Adjusting Visual Effects
Check the Size of Your Installed Apps
The Taskbar is Always Available
Turn Live Tiles On or Off
Turn Off Remote Assistance
Understanding and Using Remote Assistance
Use a PIN instead of a Password
Using the Disk Cleanup Wizard
What is File History
Add Folders to File Explorer's Quick Access
What to Do When an Application Locks Up
Run Your Favorite Programs at Startup
Discover the Secret Right-Click (with Shift Key) Option
Tweaking the Send To menu
Turn On Autocomplete in Internet Explorer
Sign In to Your Microsoft Account
Track Problems with the Problem Steps Recorder
How to Change the Auto-Save Interval in Word Documents
Create your own keyboard shortcuts
Add New Folders to File Explorer's Quick Access
Finding a Good Daily News Source
Your Computer's Number One Enemy
Safe Way to Control Windows Updates
Don't be Scammed by Email Spoofs
Turn Off WiFi Sense for Privacy
Windows Firewall and What It Protects
How to Change Your Autoplay Defaults
Recovery Drive Error Message
Extend the Life of Your Lithium Battery
Fighting Spam
Personalize the Start Menu
Conserve Space on the Taskbar with a Search Icon
How to Remove Multiple Icons from the Desktop in One Motion
Securing Your Software from Attack
Clear Your Browser's Cache
Do You Need a Password Manager?
Step-by-Step Instructions for Cloning Via Acronis True Image
Three Ways to Speed Up Windows 10
Fight Spam with a Disposable Email Address
Three Ways to Speed Up Windows 10
How to Clear Your Browser's Cache
Add Your Gmail Account to the Taskbar for Quick Access
Locate the Recycle Bin if It Disappears from Your Desktop
Access Two or More Gmail Accounts on the Same Computer
Place Shortcuts for Shutdown, Sleep, and Restart on Your Desktop
Pin a Website to the All Apps Menu
Change the Name of a Pre-Windows Tile
Change the Resolution of the Display
Change the Speaker Volume
Check Folder Size at a Glance
Connect to a Wi-Fi Network
Customize the Behavior of the Start Menu
Disable the Start Screen in Word
Disable the Touchpad on a Laptop
Establish a Webpage Favorite with a Keyboard Shortcut
Find an Application, a Setting, or a File
Find Your Installed Apps
Free Office Online Software
Have More Than One Search Engine at Your Fingertips
How to Change the Font Size for Your Entire Operating System
How to Make Windows Explorer Always Show the Entire Path
If the Typeface on a Webpage is Too Small to Read
Keep Unwanted Programs from Installing
Keep Your Computer Running Fast and Reliably
Laptop vs. Desktop: Which is the One for You?
Vivaldi: a Different Browser
Change the Icons Displayed on the Desktop
Change the Mouse Pointer's Size and Color
Acronis Drive Monitor Predicts Hard Drive Failure
Ninite to Install Applications EnMasse
Personalize Your Lock Screen
Paper Wrinkling in Your Printer
Pin Your Favorite Windows 10 Programs to the Desktop
Pre-Installed Software Can Bloat Your Computer
Print Reference Information on a Webpage
Program Crashes and Won't Restart
Reinstall a Windows 10 Modern Application
Set a Slideshow of Pictures as a Desktop Background
Strive for Peak Performance: Eliminate Bloatware
Take a Screen Shot Using the Snipping Tool
View and Extract the Contents of a Zip File
VLC Media Player for Playing CDs
When You Lose Your Mouse Pointer
When Your Printer Spits Out Blank Pages
Get the Windows Explorer Details View
Stop Video Ads from Playing in Chrome
Living Without Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, and Oracle's Java
Create Address Labels Using Microsoft Word
Create Address Labels Using Free Avery Software
Adjust Your Monitor's Brightness at Night
Add the Merriam-Webster Dictionary to Your Taskbar
The Foistware Problem
Acronis: Cloning to an External Drive
Add Additional Email Accounts to Your Cox Service
Agent Ransack, an Internal Search Engine
Become an Expert in Using Microsoft Word and Excel
Control ActiveX
KeePass Password Safe
Ripping and Burning Music Files
Stopping or Deleting a Print Job
Uninstall Unwanted Applications to Free Up Disk Space
Use ReadyBoost to Increase RAM
Why Did My Computer Get a Virus?
What is the Expected Life Span of a CD or DVD?
So You Think the Internet is Slow?
Selectively Reformat Paragraphs in a Word Document
Maintain Your Privacy as You Surf the Web
How to Save YouTube Video Clips
Change the Default Location of Your Saved Word Documents
A Fast Way to Close All Your Windows
When the Tiny Battery on Your Motherboard Fails
Belarc Advisor to Inventory Your Hardware and Software
Be Wary of Computer Repair Offers You See on the Internet
Rootkit: the Worst Malware Ever
A Close Look at Cookies
A Fast Way to Print a Document
Proper Care for Your Laptop Battery
Extend the Life of Your Lithium Battery
How to Remove the Annoying ASK Malware
Routine Maintenance that You Should Do Yourself
Add Additional Email Addresses to Your Cox Service
Adjust Your Monitor for Best Night Vision
Beware of Popups that Tell You that Your Computer is Infected
Blindly Clicking Next During Software Installs is Trouble
CCleaner to Optimize Your System
Change the Default Settings for Your Printer
Change the Default Settings in Microsoft Word
Changing the Name of Your Computer
Check for Overheating Problems
Check Your CPU Usage Periodically
Compress Large Document Files to Send as Email Attachments
Controlling Your Internet Explorer's Cache
Copy and Paste Secrets
Create a System Restore Point Icon on the Desktop
Create Fast Access to Key Control Panel Icons
Create Strong Passwords
Define a Word Using Google
Deleting Duplicate Files
Fight Bloatware with SlimComputer
Improve Performance: Disable the Swap File
Make a Print Copy of a Folder's Content
Transform Your Files to PDFs
When an Email Text is Too Small
Your Photos from Camera to Pictures Folder
Keep Your Registry Tidy
Revo Uninstaller
Use Passphrases Rather than Passwords
When Does Microsoft Quit Supporting Your Operating System?
Unlocker for When a Program Refuses to Uninstall
Unchecky Keeps Unwanted Apps Out of Your Computer
Sumatra PDF: a Great Substitute for Adobe Reader
Using the Norton Removal Tool
Use the Malicious Software Removal Tool
Make an Electronic or Hard Copy List of Your Files
iTunes or Spotify for Casual Listening
Glary Utilities: Keep Your System in Top Shape
Extend Laptop Battery Life
Copy Data from Your Hard Drive to a Thumb Drive
Pin the Control Panel to the Taskbar for Easy Access
Clock Your Sitting Time for Your Health
Check Before You Click on a Website Link
Check Network Problems
Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office
Be Cautious When Downloading Third-Party Software
Add New Nested Folders for Your Photos
A Secret Highlighting Key
Copy Data from a Hard Drive to an External Drive
Copy Data from an External Drive to Your Hard Drive
Useful Keyboard Shortcuts
Disable the Windows Startup Sound
Turn Off Autoplay
Prevent Problems with Your Computer
Freeware Download Sites that No Longer Send Crapware
Groove Music: a Handy Miniplayer
How to Open a Favorite Set of Web Pages at One Time
Create a Stylish Desktop
Remove Unwanted Apps
Taking the Wait Time Out of Future Major Updates
The Sideloading Function for Third-Party Apps
Other Browsers Consume More Battery Power than Edge
When Your Computer Won't Boot, Now What?
Why You Should Make a Recovery Drive
How to Change the Lock Screen Timeout
How to Change the Number of Jump List Items
How to Remove Your Microsoft Account
Minimize the Data Sent to Microsoft
Find Resource-Hungry Programs that Slow Down Your Computer
Stop Background Apps from Running
Check Your Password Strength
Three Free Anti-Virus Programs for Your Consideration
Use the Storage Sense Feature with a MicroSD Card
Have Any of Your Accounts Been Breached?
Disable the Built-in Ads
Change Your Windows Look
How Does System Restore Work?
Take Control of Your Start Menu's Apps
Make a Backup of Your Entire Operating System
Files Deleted by Accident, How to Get Them Back
Understanding the Cloud
Is Windows Defender Capable Enough?
Searching for a Newsy Home Page
How to View and Add Calendar Events from the Taskbar
How to Change a Program's Compatibility Settings
How to Shutdown Your Computer Without Installing Updates
Three Highly-Recommended Imaging/Cloning Programs
Windows Powerful (but rarely used) Search Tool
Set Active Hours to Postpone Update Reboots
How to Fix Hard Drive Problems with Chkdsk
Recommended Radio Apps from the Windows Store
Use Quick Assist to Remotely Troubleshoot a Friend's Computer
Optional Features and How to Manage Them
Access Your Favorite Website from the Desktop
Access the Settings Panel for Almost Everything
Add the Bells and Whistles to Your Start Menu
Automatically Save All Your Data Files
Enable Windows Defenders' Limited Periodic Scanning
Protect Your PDF Files from Adobe Reader
When in Trouble, Try the Advanced Startup Options
Delete Temporary Files
Stop Bogus Popups
A Collection of 16 Windows 10 Topics
Password Vaults, Passwords, and Passphrases
It's Time for a Mid-Winter Cleanup
Turn Off Cortana Safely
As a Last Resort, Reset
Cloning vs Imaging: What's the Difference?
Create a Stylish Desktop Look
Notification Area is Your Computer's Alerting Reflex
Restore a Previous Version of a File from Your History
Sideloading a Third-Party Universal App
Use OneDrive to Store or Create Files Online
Use Sleep Mode for Energy Efficiency
Use the Money App to Track Your Investments
Use the Sports App to Follow Your Favorite Teams
Using the News App
Using the Weather App
Have Your Gmail Account Receive and Send Your Cox Mail 
OE Classic: a great alternative to Windows Live Mail
        Effective Search Strategies in Win10
        Danger Signs that Your Laptop is Overheating
       Change the Storage Location of Your Important Files
       Use OneDrive to Send Large Files to Family and Friends
       Try the Windows 10 Trouble-Shooter
       Notifications Advise You of Important Issues at a Glance
      Create and View Your Significant Personal Events on the Taskbar's Calendar
Unclutter the Start Screen to Provide Better Control
Windows Defender: Is It Up to the Job It Needs to Do?
Determine Which Apps You Want to Keep You Informed via the Action Center
Two Fast Correct Ways to Shut Down Your Computer
Three Ways to Speed Up Your Computer's Responses
Add Bells and Whistles to the Start Menu
Beware of Ransomware Via Your Printer
Convert PDF Files to a Word Document
Change the Picture Associated with Your Account
The Freeware Download Sites that You Can Now Trust
Your Anti-Virus Programs Countries of Origin
Choose Which "Desktop Icons" You Wish to Show
Find Your Target App Quickly
Turn Live Tiles Off to Save System Resources
Choose the Folders that You Want to See on the Start Menu
Change from Your Local Account to Your Microsoft Account on the Fly
Pin Your Most Frequently Used Settings Tile to the Start Screen
Determine Which Apps You Want to Provide You with Notifications
What's Replacing Adobe Flash Player?
Setting Up Cortana's Search Engine
Free Programs that You will Want on Your Computer
Malwarebytes' Complete Package
Get Rid of Bloatware that Comes with Your Computer
Secure Your Apps from Attack with Secunia
Correcting Slow Shutdowns
A Clipboard that will Handle Multiple Cuts and Pastes