Beginners Kaffee Klatch
and Windows 8.1.1 Tutorial
Downloadable Files
Presented as a Service to Members of the Sun City Summerlin Computer Club
Las Vegas, Nevada

Index updated through the September 20, 2014 session



Sessions are being held on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month


Make Windows 8.1 Look and Act Like XP or Windows 7
Access Any of the More Than 50 Control Panel Items
Access the Windows Firewall
Activate File History for Continuous Backup
Add Google Chrome
Add Two Free Anti-Malware Programs
Add Your Gmail Account to Your Start Screen or Taskbar
Alter Your Power Options for Energy Savings and Convenience
An Improved Version of Wordpad is There for You
Bring Back the Familiar Start Menu from XP or Win7
Change or Delete Your Password
Change the Name of a Pre-Windows 8 Tile
Connect to a Wi-Fi Network
Control the Brightness of Your Monitor or the Volume of Your Speakers
Create a Local User Account
Create a Microsoft Account
Create a Recovery Flash Drive
Customize Your Start Screen and Apps Screen Backgrounds
Disable the Touchpad on Your Laptop
Do You Have the Most Recent Windows Updates?
Download and Install a Legacy (Pre-Win8) Application
Download and Install Windows Live Mail
Enable or Disable the Lock Screen
Enter and Exit the Apps Screen
Find an Application, a Setting, or a File
Find Your Installed Apps
Get Help and Support from Microsoft
Have More Than One Search Engine at Your Fingertips
How to Add or Change Your Account Picture
How to Check for Compatibility Issues
How to Repair a Windows 8 App
How to Restore, Refresh, or Reset Your Computer
How to Switch to a Different Account
If the Typeface on a Webpage is Too Small to Read
Install a Free Full-Featured Office Program
Install a Legacy Program from a CD
Install an Application from the Microsoft Store
Install Startup Monitor
Keep Your Computer Running Fast and Reliably
Keyboard Shortcuts
Make Windows Explorer Always Show the Full Search Path
Manage Programs that Run at Startup
Manage Your User Accounts
Navigation Properties Accessible from the Desktop
Nine "Do Everything" Keyboard Shortcuts
Organize Your Start Screen Tiles
Personalize Your Live Tiles
Personalize Your Lock Screen
Pin a Shutdown Icon to Your Desktop
Pin Folders to the Start Screen or the Desktop
Pin or Unpin Applications from the Start Screen
Pin Webpages to the Start Screen
Pin Your Favorite Legacy (Pre-Win8) Program to the Desktop
Pin Your Favorite Win8 Program to the Desktop
Place a System Restore Icon on Your Desktop
Place the Desktop Version of Internet Explorer on the Start Screen
Place Web Shortcuts on the Desktop
Pre-installed Software Can Bloat Your Computer
Reinstall a Windows 8 Application
Resetting the Default Browser
Resetting the Default Search Engine
Resize Your Start Screen Tiles
Restore the Libraries in Windows Explorer
Secure Your Software from Attack
Set the Default Version of Internet Explorer
Without a Password
Sort the Tiles on the Apps Screen
Start Screen Tatoos
Take a Screen Shot Using the Snipping Tool
Track Your Computer's Reliability
Turn Live Tiles On or Off
Understanding Windows 8's File History
Uninstall an Application
Use a Photo Slide Show on Your Lock Screen
Use a PIN rather than a password
What to Do When a Program Locks Up
What's Different About Windows 8.1 When Compared to Earlier Editions of Windows
What's Important About a Microsoft Account
The Taskbar is Always Available and in Plain Sight
Remove Unnecessary Files from Your Hard Drive
Uninstall Unwanted Applications to Free Up Disk Space
Improve Performance by Optimizing Your Drive
Create a Local Account: Step-by-Step
Use ReadyBoost to Increase Your RAM
Become an Expert in Using Microsoft Word and Excel
How to Check the Show More Tiles Option
Free Up RAM if Needed
Store Your Important Files Online with Microsoft's OneDrive
Best Anti-virus Programs in 2014 for Windows 8.1
Clean and Sanitize Your Computer with PrivaZer
Configure Smart Search
Make Windows Explorer Show the Full Path to Your Target Files
Using the Disk Cleanup Wizard
Checking the Size of Your Windows 8 Apps
Determining if Your System is 32 bit or 64 bit
Displaying File Extensions
Renaming Multiple Files at the Same Time
How to Use Multiple Monitors
Transferring Pictures from a Memory Card to Your Hard Drive
CutePDF Writer to Create PDF Files
Print a Test Page to Troubleshoot Your Printer or Apps
Stopping or Deleting a Print Job
Backing Up the Windows Registry with System Restore
Understanding the Action Center
Getting Rid of Notification Area Icons
KeePass Password Safe
DesktopOK to Keep Your Desktop Icons in Place
Resetting Your IE Browser to Its Default Settings
Agent Ransack - An Internal Search Engine
Acronis Cloning to an External Drive
Use OneDrive for Off-Site Storage
Automatic Maintenance in Windows 8
Customizing the Weather App
GodMode Places 256 Windows Functions at Your Fingertips
Understand Windows 8 Libraries
Use the Steps Recorder to Explain a Computer Problem
Accelerators in Internet Explorer
Account Settings, Access Your
Acronis Cloning to an External Drive (from outside Windows)
Acronis Cloning to an External Drive (from inside Windows)
Active X, Controlling
Add-Remove Program Application, Take Control of Your
Address Labels Using Free Avery Software, Create
Address Labels Using Microsoft Word 2003, Create
Address Labels Using Microsoft Word 2010, Create
Ads, Block Annoying
Anti-Virus Programs for Routine Verification
Anti-Virus Program from the Cloud
Anti-Virus Programs for 2014, The Best
Autocomplete in Internet Explorer
Barricade Your Computer from Strangers by Turning Off Remote Assistance
Baseline Security Analyzer
Battery, Extend the Life of Your Laptop
Battery Failure in Your PC
Belarc Inventory, Using the
Best Browser for Protection Against Malware
Best Performance, Adjust Your Computer System for
Bing, Microsoft's Search Engine
Blind Carbon Copy, How and Why to Use
Bloatware and Your Computer
Boot, When Your Computer Won't
Border Around a Word Page
Botnet: What is It and Why We Should be Concerned
Browser More Effectively, Two Dozen Ways to Use Your
Browser, Consider More Than One
Browser Get Hijacked, How Did Your
Browsers and Their Protection Features
Browser's Address Bar, Auto Place Your Cursor in Your
Browsing History, Hide Your
Buying a New Computer
Calendar on Your Taskbar, There's a One-Click
Camera, When Your Computer Doesn't Recognize Your
Camera to Computer, Transferring Your Photos from
Caps Lock Alarm, Setting Up a
CCleaner to Optimize Your System
Chain Letters, Stop Them from Proliferating
Change the Default Program for Launching an Application
Check Your Central Processing Unit Usage Periodically
Clean and Sanitize Your Computer with the Best Free App  (PrivaZer)
Cleanup Those Orphaned Files to Boost Your Computer's Speed
Clock on the Taskbar, Show More Than One
Clock Speed (CPU) vs Memory: Which is More Important?
Close All Windows, A Fast Way to
Clouds, Storing Your Data Files in the
Columns in Windows Explorer, Resize the
Commercial AV Tools and Security Suites are Resource Hogs
Compress Files to Increase Your Flash Drive Copy Speed
Computer Keeps Crashing, When Your
Computer Program Locks Up, a Quick Fix When Your
Computer Restarts Itself, When Your
Computer Repair Offers You See Advertised on TV
Computer Running Fast and Reliably, Keep Your
Computer Slows Down, Strategies for When Your
Computer Won't Start (Boot), When Your
Computer's Name, Changing Your
Computing Pleasure, 10 Ways to Enhance Your
Contacts List to a Thumb Drive for Safe Keeping, Export Your
Control Panel,  Gain Easy Access to the
Controlling the List of Frequently Used Programs
Control Panel to Your Taskbar, Pin the
Cookies, Delete Internet
Cookies, Managing Your
Copy and Paste Secrets
Copy Address Contacts for Save Keeping
Copy Those Irreplaceable Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos to Another Location  (Windows 7 edition)
CPU Usage Periodically, Check Your
Crashes and Won't Restart, When a Program
Create a Desktop Background Slideshow
Credit File Periodically, Check Your
CutePDF Writer will Create PDF Files
Define a Word Using Google or Bing
Defrag or Not to Defrag
Deleted Files, Programs to Recover
Desktop Background from Your Favorite Photos
Desktop Background Slideshow - Win 7
Desktop Background Themes
Desktop Computers Won't Become Extinct, Reasons Why
Desktop Email Shortcut for Your Favorite Email Recipient
Desktop, Place Favorite Websites on Your
Desktop Icons, Change the Size
Desktop Icons, Reorganize Your
Desktop is Missing, When Your
Desktop in a Hurry, Access Your
Desktop, Place a Shortcut Folder on the
Desktop Timer for Your Health
Merriam-Webster Dictionary added to your Taskbar
Digital Camera, Using Your Digital Camera
Digital Images into a Word document, Imbedding
Document, Don't Lose that Important
Downloading Applications from the Internet, Use Caution
Dozen Ways to Fine Tune Your Computer
Duplicate Files, Deleting
Email Accounts to Your Cox Service, Add
Email Address, Has Yours Been Compromised?
Email Download Hangups
Email Get Hijacked, How Did My
Email IP Address, Find IP Origin of an Incoming

Email Messages, Display Your Full Name in Outgoing

Email, Respect Your Friends When Forwarding
Email Messages, Color Code Selected
Email Messages to a Safe Place, Send Important
Email Messages, Writing Drafts of
Email Messages, Sort Your
Email Messages You Send, Change the Default Font Type and Size in
Email Accounts to Your Windows Mail Programs, Add
Email, Display Your Full Name When Sending
Email Messages from Uninvited Senders, Block
Email Messages, Why Do You Receive Duplicates
Email Messages, Reset the Default Font Size for Reading
Email Messages to an External Drive, Copy Important
Email Messages Later, Send Your
Email Text is too Small to Read, When the
Error Message, Find a Solution for an
Error Reporting in XP, Vista, and Win7
Facebook Account, How to Remove Your
Fake Anti-Malware Offers, Beware of
Favorite Folders to Windows Explorer in Windows 7, Creating
Fast Ways to Launch Programs in Windows
Fast Way to Close All Your Windows
Favorites Folder, Cull Your
Favorite Website with a Keyboard Shortcut, Establish
Favorite Websites on Your Desktop
Favorites to the Start Menu, Adding
Favorites to the Taskbar, Adding
Favorites, Edit and Organize Your Web
Favorites to a Safe Place, Move Your
Faxes to Your Inbox, Inbound
File Check Box in Windows 7
File Management, A Practical Guide to
File from One Location to Another, Copy or Move a
File Summary to Make Your Search Easier
Files on a Flash Drive, Store Important
Fix Your Windows Problems, Have Microsoft
Flash Drive, Deleting a Corrupted File from a
Flash Drives and Their Hidden Secrets
Foistware, Beware of
Folder Size at a Glance, Check the
Folders, Customize the Look of Your
Folder View Settings to Like Folders, Apply Universal
Font Settings in Microsoft Word, Change the
Font Size for Your Entire Windows Operating System, Change the
Freezes, When Your Computer or a Program
Glary Utilities to Optimize Your System
Games Folder in Win7, Can't Find the
Gmail Account from Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail, Manage Your
Gmail to Scrub Your Regular Mail
Golden Oldies, Play the
Google Chrome vs. Internet Explorer: the Battle Royal
Google from Tracking You Online, Stop
Google's Home Page, Change the Background Image
Google Redirect Virus, Beware of the
Hard Drive Dies, When Your
Hard Drive is About to Fail
Hard Drive Life Expectancy
Hard Drive to Thumb Drive, Copy Files from
Hardware, It's Time to Clean Your
Help Menu in Windows
Hijacked?, Has Your Email Been
Highlighting Text, A Secret Key for
Hoaxes, Beware of Email
Holiday Shopping Online
Home Page, Creating More Than One
Host File Can Stop Highjackers
Icon Size on Your Start Menu and Desktop, Change the
Imbed Picture in Word Document
Ink Cartridges, Save Money on
Ink Cartridges, The Truth About Discount
Internet, How Big is the Internet
Internet Connection, Restore Your
Internet Explorer Browser Hangs or Freezes
Internet Explorer Malfunctions, When Your
Internet Explorer Menu Bar and Command Bar, Finding the Missing
Internet Explorer Tools
Internet Explorer Won't Start
Internet Favorites to an External Drive, Saving
Internet Performance, Improve You
Internet Security Mistakes, Five Most Common
Internet Works in Sending Data Around the World, How the
Inverse Selection, Using Windows
iTunes or Spotify for Music
Java Now to Avoid Hackers, Disable
Keyboard Shortcuts 
Keyboard Shortcuts for the Dedicated Mouse User, A Collection of Very Special
Keyboard, Start a Program from the
Laptop Battery to Extend Its Life, Remove a
Laptop vs. Desktop, Which is the One for You?
Laptop or Tablet, Which Should You Buy?
Laptop, Clean at Least Once a Year
Launch Programs Quickly from Your Keyboard
Learn Something New
Life Spans of CDs, DVDs, Hard Drives, and Thumb Drives, Expected
Links Won't Open Correctly in Your Incoming Mail, When Imbedded
Login Password, Remove Your Computer's
Luggage Tags: Make Sure Your Luggage Goes Where You Go
Malicious Software Removal Tool
Malware, Secure Your Software to Prevent
Malware, Telltale Signs of
Maximize Your Windows and Keep Them Maximized
Menu Bar in Windows, Always Show the
Message Rules to Stop Uninvited Email Messages
Microsoft Action Center for Windows 7 Security
The Microsoft Surface Tablet
Microsoft Malware Prevention Tool
Microsoft's Six Desktop Security Tools
Microsoft Office--Kingsoft Office Suite 2012 is a Great Free Alternative to
Microsoft Office--LibreOffice is Another Great Free Alternative to
Microsoft Safety Scanner
Microsoft Security Essentials, What's Different About
Microsoft Security Essentials, Temporarily Disabling
Microsoft Quit Supporting Your Operating System?, When Does
Microsoft Word and Excel, Become an Expert in Using
Word Documents You Attach to Email Messages, Change the Universal Format
Minimize All Your Open Windows in Win7
Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New Computer
Modem to Recover Your Internet Speed, Unplug Your
Modem for Security and Privacy, Unplug Your
Monitor's Brightness to Protect Your Vision
Mouse, Dealing with a Sleeping Wireless
Mouse Pointer is Ready When You Are
Network Problem, Check When You Have a
Newspaper, Access Your Hometown
Next Button, Be Aware of the
Microsoft Word, Setting the Default Font and Style in
Ninite will install Applications En Masse
Norton Removal Tool, Using the
Notification Area, Adjusting the Icons that Appear in the
OneDrive, Back Up Your Really Important Files with Microsoft's
OpenDNS, Speed Up Your Internet Browsing with
Open Windows, Alternative Ways to Close
Operating System, What's the Most Popular
Overheating Problems, Check for
Overheating: Your Computer's Number One Enemy
Paint.Net : a Great Substitute for Photoshop
Photos Imbedded in a Word Document
Printer Problems, Diagnose and Fix
Passwords, Create Strong
Password, Is Yours Strong Enough?
Password Protecting You?, Is Your
Password Protect Your Private Folders  (All Versions)
Paste Special Command?, What is the
PDF Files, Can They Contain Viruses?
Performance, Disable the Swap File to Improve
Photos When Sending via Email, Compress Your
Photos from Icons to Thumbnails, Changing
Photos in Windows Live Mail, Send
Pictures and Captions in a Document, Add
Pinning Programs to the Start Menu
Plain Text for Email Security
Portable Tech Support Software for Your Flash Drive
Power Options in Vista, Win7, and Win8
Power, Control How Your Computer Locks Down to Save
PowerPoint Slides, Harvest Individual Photos from
Power Tools Lite 2013 is Here
PUP, What is a
Preview Pane, Turn Off the
Preview Pane to View Your Files Without Opening Them, Use the
Print and Picture Size of Most Web Pages, Increase the
Print Job, How to Cancel a Rogue
Print Only Part of a Webpage
Printed Copy of Your Address Book/Contacts list, Make a
Printer Gives You Trouble, When Your
Printer Settings and Make Them Stick, Change Your
Printscreen Key and the Snipping Tool
Print, When a Document Won't
Printer, Buying an Inkjet
Printer, Change the Default Settings for Your
Privacy as You Surf the Web, Maintain Your
Processes are Safe to Close?, What
Program Crashes (Locks Up) and Won't Restart
Properties, A Quick Route to Access a Program's
Protect Your Computer from the Mojave Heat
Quick Scan or Full Scan: Which to Use and When
RAM Memory Means Better Performance, More
Ransomware--How to Get Rid of It

ReadyBoost to Increase Your Random Access Memory (RAM)

Recover Deleted Files
Recycle Bin's Delete Confirmation Feature, Turn off the
Recycle Bin Icon, Hiding or Showing the 
Red X's on a White Background
Registry and Doing It Safely, Cleaning
Registry, The Windows
Remote Assistance, Turn Off
Rename Multiple Files at the Same Time
Restore Your Computer to an Earlier Time
Restarts Unexpectedly, When Your Computer
Right-Click for Better Control
Right-Click Menu, Adding Options to the
Rootkit: the Worst Malware Ever
Safe Mode, How and When to Use
Secunia PSI to Protect You from Security Holes in your Programs
Scareware, How to Handle
Screen Captures Using the Snipping Tool
Scrolling Secrets While Using Internet Explorer and Office
Search Engine at Your Fingertips, Have More Than One
Search Function in Windows
Security Audit, Run a
Security for Internet Explorer 9, Setting Your
SendTo Folder, Adding to the
Send Photos Via Email to Friends and Family
Service Packs are Critical
Shopping Online, Tips for
Shortcut Icons for Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, and Hibernate on the Desktop
Should I Remove It? will Suggest Which Applications to Remove
Show Desktop Button in Win7, Take Control of the
Shredding Files for Permanent Deletions
Shutdown Button, Customize Your Windows 7
Shutdown Delays, Reduce
Shutdown Your Computer the Easy Way
Single-Click to Open a Folder or File
Slideshow View in Vista and Win7
Smart Phone Games on Your Computer, Play
Smart Defrag 3
Snipping Tool in Vista, Win7, and Win8
Software Updates to Avoid Security Risks
Startup Sound in Windows 7, Disable
Sorting Your Files in Windows, Contacts, Favorites, and Email Messages
Spammer?, Are you an Unwitting
Special Characters in Your Documents
Special View for Special Folder
Speed Up Windows 7, How to
Speed, Compress Files to Increase Your Copy
Spell Checker Program for Outlook Express
Start Menu, Controlling the Items that are Displayed in the
Start Menu in Windows Vista
Start Menu in Windows 7, Mastering the
Start Menu Highlighting For New Programs, Turn Off
Startup, Access Your Favorite Programs at
Startup, Manage Programs that Run at
Startup, Easy Way to Control Programs that Run at
Startup Monitor, Download and Install the
Sumatra PDF - a Safe Substitute for Adobe Reader
Surf Faster by Turning Off Web Page Images
Surf Safely and Smartly
Synonym in a Word Document, Find a
System Repair Disk for Windows 7
System Restore Icon on Your Desktop
System Restore to Back Up Your Windows Registry
Systray, Hide the Seldom Used Icons that Overload the
Take Control of the Programs You Want to Remove
Taskbar in Vista, Using the
Taskbar in Win7, Using the
Taskbar, Adding Your Name to the
Taskbar from Disappearing or Moving, Keep Your
Tax Scams, Beware of
Tech Support Scams that Arrive by Telephone
Telephone Tech Support Scam, Beware of a
Temporary Internet Files Manage Your
Test Page to Troubleshoot Your Printer, Print a
Thumb Drives and Their Hidden Secrets
Time, Date, and Calendar on the Taskbar
Toolbars from Your Browser, Remove Spyware
Tracking Protection and Active X Filtering
TrendMicro's New HouseCall Security Program
Translate Text into Another Language
Turn Off Your Computer, Different Ways to
USB Drive, Computer Can't Read Your
USB Problems, Fixing Your
Uninstall Programs the Correct Way
Uninstall Bloatware from a New Computer 
Uninstall Option to Your Context Menu, Add an
Uninstalled Programs, Remove Traces of
Unlocker for When a Program Refuses to Uninstall
Unwanted Programs, Keep Them from Installing    (Unchecky)
Use Caution When Downloading Applications from the Internet
User Account of Your Computer, Set Up a Second
Videos, Skip Those Commercials that Appear in Online

Virtual Memory, Using

Virus?, How Did My Computer Get a
Viruses and Other Threats Via Your Email Messages, Beware of
Visual Effects to Increase Speed and Efficiency, Tweak Your Computer's
Volume Control Button Goes Missing, When the
Wallpaper in Windows 7, Access Hidden Desktop
Watchout for Spearfishing
Weather Report on Your Desktop
Web-based Email Address to Protect You from Spam
Webmail--Pros and Cons of
Webmail--Which One is Best?
Web Images, Save an Unclickable
Web Favorites to Another Location, Moving or Exporting
Web Tracking, Block
Web Page Images, Surf Faster by Turning Off
Web Page, How to Find Specific Text on a
Web Page, Reloading a Stalled
Websites Open Slowly, When
Website Doesn't Load Correctly, When a
Web Page Finds with a Friend, Share Your
Web Shortcuts on Your Desktop, Place
Websites, a Search Routine to Access Popular
Web Surfing Strategies
Windows 7 Action Center
Windows 7 Desktop Themes, Create Your Own Personal
Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
Windows 7 -- Disable "Snap" in
Windows 7 & Vista -- Create Multiple Time Zone Clocks in
Windows 7, How to Speed Up
Windows 7 -- Show Empty Drives in
Windows Shutdown Button, Customize
Windows 7, Some Quick Tweaks for
Windows, Alternate Ways to Close Your Open
Windows Email Program, Add New Email Accounts to Your
Windows Experience Index
Windows Explorer in Windows Vista
Windows Explorer in Windows 7
Windows Explorer, Change the Default Folder in
Windows Explorer, Don't Get Lost in
Windows Explorer's Navigation Pane, Expand
Windows Explorer View Options, Easily Cycle Through
Windows Live Mail, Send Photos via
Windows Live Mail, What You Should Know About
Windows Photo Gallery, Using
Windows Updates, Installing
Windows with a Better Memory, Provide
Windows 7 Desktop Themes, Accessing Microsoft's Online
Windows 7 Quick Tweaks
Word, Accessing the Preview Pane in
Word, Places Bar in
Word Document as an Email Message, Send
Word Documents, Default Location for
Word, Change the Basic Default Settings in
Word 2010, Set Your Default Fonts, Paragraph Style, and Page Layout in
Word 2013, Disable Its Start Screen
Word, Change Case Features in
Word Document, Selectively Reformat Paragraphs in a
YouTube Videos, Download and Save
YouTube Videos, Keeping Up With
YouTube Videos Won't Load, When
YouTube, a Casual Look at
Zip or Compressed Files to Send as Email